Managed Services

DTC Networks LLC is a Managed Information Technology Services Provider located in Janesville, Wisconsin.

What are Managed Service?  

Managed services are the practice of outsourcing day-to-day IT management responsibilities and functions as a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses.  At DTC Networks LLC we offer a variety of managed services that will help simplify your IT decisions.  You focus on your business and let us focus on your IT.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT

With our managed IT services, you’ll enjoy the benefit of a full team of IT specialists keeping your systems in excellent working order. For a small, fixed monthly fee, we monitor your systems 24/7, apply patches, ensure backups, keep viruses at bay, and perform a host of other proactive measures. Little problems don’t become big — and expensive — and in most instances, you won’t even know there was ever an issue. 

Managed Services at it's Core 

Backup and Disaster Recover

Our business continuity solution is designed to quickly revive your network and have your employees productive again in almost no time. It operates automatically to back up your vital data as frequently as every 15 minutes. If there’s a problem, files can be restored in about a half-hour, or if needed, our system can take over as a virtual server to resume operations until bigger issues with your network can be resolved. And in a worse-case disaster scenario, remote server backup is also available to keep your files and data safe and secure. 

Mobile Device Management

Our comprehensive mobile device management services reduce costs associated with supporting an array of mobile devices. We have the ability to separate personal and company data while maintaining full control of polices and device configurations. We work with you to define your company’s mobile strategy and ensure the policies we create increase both productivity and employee satisfaction.

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